Transition - Abhi RyanTransition - Abhi Ryan

The first phase of Season 18 is now completed after a six-week cycle (February 02-March 09, 2009). As we progress towards the Season 18 finale, our blog shifts onto the second phase and new six-week cycle.

Previously, our work was mainly devoted to individual research, posted weekly in the framework of what we termed “episodes”. Each episode was composed of six individual posts and a group discussion. The individual posts related the state of investigations on a specific subject chosen by each participant. The group discussions allowed us to set up a meeting point to share different opinions and to debate on different ideas in relation with the evolution of the collective project.

This new second phase of our work belongs to the definition and the realization of the final collective project. During this time period we have taken the decision to put more emphasis on the group discussions. Indeed, we believe these discussions remain a driving force for our collaboration as they play an important part in building a common ground through exchange. Over the next six weeks, through three group discussions, each one moderated by two of the participants, we propose you to follow our reflections on three essential areas of interest which will operate in the final project.


  • 08/04/2009 - Modeling moderated by Marlène Perronet & Diane Pigeau
  • 22/04/2009 - Mapping moderated by Marianna Hovhannisyan & Yun In Kim
  • 06/05/2009 - Simulation moderated by Elodie Dufour & Tolga Taluy

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