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Twilight zoneIn this twilight episode, I would like to consider the two aspects of our collective work. This consists on the one hand, of our research over these last six weeks, in and through the Web, and on the other hand, the very physical space that will frame our project at the end of the year. While the form of the blog, defined as a short term work, led us to favor mediated connections and meetings, how do we present and represent ourselves there?


Komedya - Florian PugnaireThis third episode presents Komedya, a documented fiction realized by Florian Pugnaire, and analyzes its display in a group exhibition in la Maison, galerie singuliere in december 2008, in order to finally open on relations between Art, History and Media.


The road to Bethlehem - Aleem MaqboolThe first simulation I would like to introduce is The road to Bethlehem, a project by BBC Middle East correspondent Aleem Maqbool.