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Conversation Map - Warren Sack

As the third episode of Tactical Networks and Simulations, I would like to introduce an online interview I’ve done with Warren Sack through e-mail around his project titled Conversation Map.

Conversation Map is a graphical browser for very large-scale conversations (VLSCs) that is designed to make it easier for participants to understand and reflect on a wider network of social semantic relations by analyzing several thousands messages at a time belonging to large mailing-lists or busy Usenet newsgroups.


Over there/là-bas - Chantal Akcerman - 2006This second episode gathers two documentaries together realized one year apart in Israel. These documentaries, Over there by Chantal Ackerman and Avenge But One Of My Two Eyes by Avi Mograbi, are set in comparison to consider how they both deal with the different problematics we can find in the category of documentary.


The road to Bethlehem - Aleem MaqboolThe first simulation I would like to introduce is The road to Bethlehem, a project by BBC Middle East correspondent Aleem Maqbool.


Chris Harrison - Internet Map: Connection DensityAn introduction to Tactical Networks and Simulations.