Season 18

This is the blog of Season 18, a collective curatorial work-in-progress that concludes with Session 18 collective project this summer 2009.

TV Series
Even though we come from different countries, television series are a commonplace for all of us and we believe this is a down to earth evidence demonstrating they play an important role in the cultural globalization process.

A season is defined as a recurrent period characterized by certain occurrences. It is also a common terminology used to define a set of episodes by a television series, a definition we feel close to.

The blog operates by selecting a seasonal structure holding episodes, in which six voices are operating in dialog. After the series reaches the last episode, these become the material within the new condition of the final curatorial project.

Season 18 is utilizing the blog as network, with the curatorial project as a work-in-progress focusing on open space of experiment structures as it proposes possibilities leading to a final collective curatorial project.


Session 18

L’école du Magasin is an international curatorial program taking place each year over 10 months within the contemporary art center le Magasin - CNAC Grenoble, France. The 2008-9 program is Session 18.

Session 18 consists of six participants whose range of curatorial practice is informed by their fields of art history, art institutions, education, litterature, psychology and visual arts.

For us, each 10-month program of l’école du Magasin resembles one season of a TV series: a cyclical structure annually (re)defined by a new casting, diverse actors, directors, scripts and settings.

The standard l’école du Magasin commission is for its current session to produce one final collective curatorial proposition. In this framework, Session 18 responded by working with two propositions - an individual and a group curatorial perspective - in order to consider a synthesis of the two for the final collective realization.

Elodie Dufour (F), Marianna Hovhannisyan (Armenia), Yun In Kim (Korea),
Marlène Perronet (F), Diane Pigeau (F), Tolga Taluy (Turkey/F)